viernes, 12 de noviembre de 2010

Dogs, Garbage and Sex

I was recently exposed to a meaningful piece of thought about dogs, garbage and sex.  The piece is so profound that I almost hit rock bottom!  Wow!!  Here’s the scoop.
We need stray dogs on our streets.  We what?  I thought that they were bad for the city, for the streets, for the garbage, for cleanliness and that they caused some delicate health issues to surface.  Haven’t you heard of that or felt the same way?
Well, as it turns out, stray dogs play a very important function in town:  they eat the food in garbage bags around town.  Dud!!??!!  Of course they do, so what?  Well, if they eat the food there are other sentient beings that wouldn’t eat the food:  rats.  Hummm…  Yeah, if you kill all the stray dogs then they wouldn’t be available for scavenging food in the thousands of garbage bags that people throw on Las Terrenas’ streets everyday.  If the food is left in those garbage bags it will be eaten by mice and rats and these would reproduce more, grow more and create even more unsanitary conditions, while posing greater health threats.  The reason in simple:  rats and mice are carriers of far more diseases than stray dogs do.
Soooo, no stray dogs would result in more rats in Las Terrenas.  More rats in Las Terrenas would mean a far greater potential for diseases carried around by the rodents.
If we take this line of thought further, to its logical conclusions, it could mean one of many possibilities, or all of them together:
·      Let’s make sure to have an ample supply of stray dogs on our streets (easy!).
·      Let’s make sure we eliminate ALL mice and rats from our fields, houses, empty lots and ground holes (very easy!!).
·      Let’s make sure that there would be no garbage bags thrown out on city sidewalks, alleys or streets (easiest of them all!!!).
In order to accomplish all of that we need more stray dogs having sex, so that there would be more of them around.
Similarly, let’s make sure that rats and mice don’t have enough food to eat so that they wouldn’t have enough energy to mate and reproduce beyond our ability to eliminate them.
Finally, let’s make sure that people have more sex than usual because sex increases the appetite and that means that the more sex people have the less food will be thrown out on the streets of our town.
That’s it, dogs, rats and sex, a perfect combination for an attractive, clean, healthy and joyful community!

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